506Host offers an easy to navigate site generation tool which you can leverage to create your website without the need to pen even a single line of code. It is truly easy to use and master, with a very recognizable interface. The site generation tool offers a variety of one–of–a–kind site templates which are suitable for lots of website types, and every theme supports lots of color and layout schemes. Moreover, all website templates are fully responsive and work perfecty across all devices.

The site generation tool is available with all shared hosting plans, VPS plans, semi-dedicated hosting plans, and dedicated web hosting plans offers, as long as you select the 506Host Website Control Panel.

A convenient to use site generation tool

No programming background is needed

The main advantage of the 506Host’s site generation tool is that it’s really plain to use. It relies on layout elements which you can add, customize and reorder as you wish. In any moment, you are able to insert images and videos, start an online journal, or place a photo gallery on your site, all with just a mouse click.

You can do everything and set up an attractive website without having to write even one line of CSS, HTML or PHP, etc.

Easy-to-use Site Builder

A variety of easy–to–redesign site designs

Stylish site templates that look excellent on tablets and phones

To set up an engaging site, you will need to build a good base. This is the reason why, the 506Host’s site generation tool has a rich set of different website templates, suitable for any kind of site – personal pages, online shops, discussion boards, etc.

Every website template is easy–to–redesign, with multiple layouts, different color configurations and native support for over a hundred different fonts. You can modify every one of these settings with just a mouse click. Plus, if at some point you wish to replace your template and pick a new one, all customizations you’ve completed will be switched over instantly.

A variety of easy–to–redesign site designs

Built–in Help Center and step–by–step videos

Check out exactly how quick and easy it actually is to kickstart a website

The 506Host’s site generation tool has a very useful help area where you can see a variety of step–by–step articles and videos that go over the most frequently asked questions by clients.

They will assist you in the case you have the desire to learn how to add a new page, how to modify the color options of your site template, how to add a discussion board module or even how to change your entire theme.

In addition to that, we provide at your disposal a customer support team that is available to you round–the–clock, prepared to provide an answer to all of your questions.

Video Tutorials