The bigger your website gets, the more difficult e–mail administration gets. Which is when you are able take advantage of the all–inclusive Email Account Manager. It comes with each of the features you may need that allow you to get in control of your email accounts, and it’s equipped with a user–friendly interface. With simply a few mouse–clicks you can set up e–mail forwarding, generate an e–mail autoresponder, create anti–spam security, etcetera. Just scroll down to check out exactly what our Email Account Manager can provide you!

Anti–Spam Protection

Deal with spam with a mouse–click

In the Email Account Manager within your Website Control Panel, it’s possible to manage trash messages. The designed anti–spam tool will filter inbound e–mail messages and you’re able to personalize its level of control with simply a click of the mouse. Also you can define an alternative level of spam protection for every single mailbox.

There are 2 basic ways that our system addresses messages referred as spam. You can choose if a spam email needs to be erased, or sent to a particular mailbox.

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Email Forwarding

Divert messages from a single e–mail account to another one

We have made it pretty simple for one to forward email messages from a mailbox to a new one within your shared hosting plans account. All you need to do is pick the email which you want to forward and afterwards fill out the destination mailbox in which you want each of the messages to get delivered to.

You can also enable a copy of each forwarded message to be saved within the mailbox you have forwarded.

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Email Filters

Set your mailbox in order

With the Email Account Manager of one’s Website Control Panel, it is simple to create different e–mail filters. All you have to do is state the keywords that’ll be used to filter messages and exactly where the filter has to look for them (subject, body, etc.) and then select the activity that will be applied to the filtered e–mails.

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Email Protection

Email protection using DomainKeys and SPF records

We’ve provided a group of software tools within your Website Control Panel that are going to protect your mailbox from getting used for spam applications without your knowledge. We have DomainKeys active for virtually all email accounts automatically. The service measures up the sender’s web address to the email message to warrant that the sent message was really sent by that address.

We have furthermore provided SPF (Sender Policy Framework) protection – a service, that guards all the email accounts from spammers that make use of your mailbox to send e–mail spam on presumably your account.

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Email Auto–Configure Option

Prompt PC e–mail configuration

From the auto–configure attribute of the Email Account Manager, you’re able to create e–mail accounts in your preferred PC email client with just a a click of the mouse. Just click on the icon of the mail client that you like to employ for the chosen email address and get the auto–configuration file. This will instantly configure your mailbox within your chosen desktop client.

We’ve added configuration files for probably the most common mail clients – Mozilla Thunderbird, Outlook, Outlook Express and Mac Mail.

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Look at your email address from any place

Applying webmail, you can easily look at your mail from any desktop computer or notebook, around the globe. It’s all done through a web browser, and there is no need to have any kind of mail client configured on your system. Just use the link which we offer you to log in your email account through various Internet–connected device.

It’s also possible to log in your email account with a click of the mouse within the Webmail section of the Website Control Panel. All you have to do is pick an e–mail account and afterwards click the webmail client icon to get into it. You don’t need to to enter any kind of e–mail sign in data.

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